Sunday, June 12, 2005

Blog on the Road: Las Vegas, #5

So, after getting in bed about 6:00 I woke up and hit the road about 10:00 with Mike, Rhonda, and her Sister's family toward Hoover Dam. It was of course immense. We spent some time on the dam and then spent some well needed time resting in the air conditioned cafe.

Much thanks to Rob, Teresa, Robby, and Kate for showing me a good time. I had fun.

I spent the rest of the day exploring hotels. I think that the Luxor was my favorite in so far as overall ambiance. The Bellagio and Wynn are tied for "classiest". The Vencian had the best "outside replicated inside" section. The Bellagio had the best outside show.

The penny smashing was good today. I got nine for you Herschel.

At the airport now and my flight is boarding for the trip home.

I already have a reason to come back. I missed the Secret Garden Habitat and Dolphin show at the Mirage.

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Iridur Morningblade said...


I'm Brazilian, never been to hover dam, but I do live (almost) near to ItaipĂș, so I know what you mean... They are huge, even though I've been told that Hover Dam has a special thing about it, something as if she was more beautifull. Mistic, if you prefer...