Thursday, July 28, 2005

In Soviet Russia Trivia Owns You.

Played Jigsy's Trivia again Wednesday night. It was the first time that we finished "off the podium" in the three weeks that I have played. It was a good night none the less, I had a coupon for a free milkshake from Chick-fil-a and $15 worth of Jigsy's Pitchers thanks to last weeks 3rd place finish. My vote is to move the trivia train to the next venue. Jigsy's has been done.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Dreams of Snausages and Bier are dancing in my head.

So, I was playing around with Google Earth and though to myself I wonder if I can find the park that Oktoberfest is held in. Sure enough after I flew to Munich it took me about 3.4 seconds to pan around and find it.

System Administrator Appreciation Day

This year, in conjunction with Dirty Herb's birthday, I am celebrating System Administrator Appreciation Day (Friday July 29th 2005) by taking the day off to go camping.

The scrolling message mug

I am going to Oktoberfest this year with a group of friends. I think that we each need a scrolling message mug.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Free Online Motorcycle Repair Course

I have found a Free Online Motorcycle Repair Course. I am on the first page and I have already determined it to be link worthy.


I have been exhausted at work the last few days. I have been running myself to the edge. For the past month or so I have been working out almost every weekday. Running in the morning Lifting in the afternoons (sometimes both in the same day).

Yesterday, despite Mother Natures best efforts to stop us, a group of us went out to the intramural fields for a little bit of the old toss around (aka. Softball). We played catch and took turns hitting before retiring to Sons of Italy for a bite. I thought of it as an off day from working out but, I am left tired and sore today from it.

I will rest when the wifer and I go "off the radar" this weekend for a little R and R.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sssh ... I have a secret

Had a PostSecret party over at EB's last night. It was very cathartic. Got a good secret off my chest and, thanks to the no peeking rule and the honesty of the group, I am fairly sure that my anonymity will be preserved when and if they post it. If nothing else I learned definatively the age you are at which you are 18 and that you can also get carpet burn on your elbows.

After we straightened up the billions and billions of magazines scattered across the floor (sorry EB), we took a trip up to the midnight release party of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Borders. The Erinses got their copies and I got some good people watching. The costumes were not as plentiful as I had hoped but, there were a few.

Up early this morning to help Dirty H and A move. I can't wait to party like its 1999 in their new abode (or at least like the summer of 1998). The Sun and I have a date.

P.S. All apologies for falling off of the blogging horse. Back in the saddle.