Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Asleep at the wheel.

Have you ever had one of those days. Lets say for instance that you just got back from a long trip. Maybe you have just been to Vegas for 5 days. When you get back the first day is great because you are still riding the wave but, on the second day you crash. I have crashed. I am afraid to close my eyes for fear that I will wake up two days from now face down on my desk with a drool encrusted beard.

I am looking forward to going hiking and camping this weekend for Crease's birthday. I haven't been camping in at least 6 months. I am treating the useless bone sacks below my ankles with as much TLC as I can between now and then so that I can participate without having to use a wheelchair.

1 comment:

elrusoblanco said...

take care of them bonesacks 'cuz there won't be any carrying! i have reservations for a site - i'll tell you more Thursday. why Thursday, you ask? because we're grilling out at my house, mutha! time: TBA.