Friday, June 10, 2005

Blog on the Road: Las Vegas, #2

So, Mike and I were talking with the Dell Reps on Wednesday and although the put off my questions about my headaches related to my 3300MP they did hook us up with passes to the Huey Lewis and the News private party that was hosted by DLP (Texas Instruments) among others.

The party was in Rain (watch out for audio) at the Palms. There was free food which was surprisingly good and free Beer, Wine, and Absolut and 7up. The Absolut and 7 had the highest octane and I figured that 7 was a good number so that is how many I decided to drink. No need to mention that I was hurting the next day but, at least I was functional.

I ended up not seeing Heuy or his News at all. I hungout poolside all night (which incidentally is the pool that MTV is currently shooting from) and met a local. He was a bar back by night and an 8th grade Math teacher by day. He said that he made 67k a year cleaning up drinks to support teaching AP math, which he enjoys. We ended up meeting some Germans which we hungout with the rest of the evening. Nadia from Hitachi, if you are out there you owe me a DVD player.

The bottom of my feet are going to peel off soon. Each of the smaller blisters that I got the first night have teamed up to form one big blister. They are even talking about forming a union. They demand that Dr. Scholls be signed as their exclusive healthcare provider.

I am gearing up for another night on the strip. I am not sure if I can make it two more nights but, I am going to give it the old college try. I am going to need to channel the partying stamina of Buckelew and the tolerance of Kari Krieg to make it happen. I am going to try to find the WPT tournament tonight to pick up some tips from Daniel Negreanu so that I can bring Pops back to his right full owner. Wish me luck.

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