Monday, September 26, 2005

Jittery Chuck

We survived the trip to and from St. George's Island for Chris and Cliff's Wedding. All in all it was a very good trip. The house that they rented for the occasion was awesome. It was on the far west side of the island. The weather held out fine and other than the wind and whatever was in the air making us all cough, everything was great. Due to the Bloody-Mary-Mimosa-Sangria-Margarita combination that I drank over the course of the day I had a rocking good buzz on. It was good as always catching up. The plethora of digital cameras made the event one of the most documented weddings that I have attended. Thanks to Jared and Tiffany for sharing the trip with us, we need to do more road trips together in the future.

I unoffically joined the EITS Coffee Club this morning. I was running late so I neglected to make a pot this morning. I came in and found the dripping pot overflowing all over the counter. I consider my cleanup efforts my 25¢ contribution for today and will join offically the next time I need a cup o' joe. Now for the Jittery part ... this coffee is STRONG. It is giving me the shakes.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Blog Just Got Spammed.

Craziest thing just happened.

An anonymous comment advertising Adult Movies was posted with a link. Kind of smart if this was done by via computer. It may of course have been one of my buddies since we are engaged in an active round of the gotcha game.

I am on my way now to disable anon posting.

Standalone QuickTime Player

As of QuickTime version 7 Apple has chosen to advertise only a download of QuickTime that is bundled with iTunes. The Standalone QuickTime Player can be downloaded here:

This is it ...

... the blog. THE blog that you have all been waiting for. The one where I tell you all how cool my new job is, how cool my new colleagues seem to be, how cool my spanking new laptop is. Well ... it is all very cool, so there you have it.

On another note ... Anyone else heard of The Foundry Park's new "Melting Point"? (NOTE: Melting Point not Melting Pot; I am not talking about fondue here). The Melting Point is the new large scale music venue attached to the Steam Company Pub. The info hasn't hit the website yet but, one of my new colleagues showed me a glossy of it and says that it is open. I hope this is not detrimental to the regular local Jazz and Bluegrass that has been there in the past but, I welcome a new venue for touring artists. I will let you know when I have seen it in person.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Chicago Tribune | Amid urban surroundings, Chicago opens "green" school with living roof

I love the fact that Green Roofs are begining to pop up in major metropolitan areas. Checkout this artice about a "green" school with living roof in Chicago.

To continue our quest for the best BBQ in GA ...

.. I encourage all of you to join me to sample the fare of Rooster's at the corner of Hiwasee and BLVD at some point in the near future.