Wednesday, April 06, 2005

To paraphrase a wise man "I believe someone just went to ...uh... BLOG."

Erin and I just got home from Philly. We went to visit our friends Kate and Josh. There were several things that could have spoiled our weekend but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

To start with we missed our flight. I am not talking about running up to the gate as the door is shut in your face; on top of leaving the house a half hour after we planned we had to stand in a 30 min baggage check line and then an hour plus security line, mostly due to the Spring Break crowd. We had to fly standby. The problem with flying standby due to a busy airport is that you are not the only one flying standby. There were about 10 people in addition to us who were on the list. We missed the 10:45. We missed the 3:15. The 5:45 came around and we were looking pretty good. A lot of the "others" had either made a flight or given up and gone home. We stood at the gate as the confirmed passengars were loaded and the attendants made the final counts. 2 seats left ... Mr. and Mrs. Leggett enjoy your flight. So, we jump for joy and then board the plane ... only one problem ... only one available seat. Apparently someone was in the bathroom or something during the count. So, I get back off the plane and send Erin on ahead. I am now looking down the barrel of another 5 hours until the next flight which I am still not confirmed on. Thankfully the gate attendant felt bad for the miscount and offered me a confirmed seat on the 10:45. Hurray, now all I have to do is kill the time between now and then so in the immortal words of Ford Perfect I decided that "[I] must get drunk immediately!", so I did.

I can't tell you everything that I did for those few hours primarily because I can't remember. I would like to thank DND from The Dawn and Drew Show! for helping me kill a couple hours. I got a few funny looks when I laughed out loud at the funniest parts.

Finally, 10:00 aproaches and low and behold my flight is delayed due to the weather wherever my plane is coming from. It is rescheduled for 12:15. The plane finally does show up and as I am boarding the plane my clock chimes 1:00. I tried unsucessfully to sleep during the 2 hour flight and landed in Philly a little after 3:00. One $20 taxi and a cold beer later I curled up to sleep in K and J's apt.

I said that there were several things but, I have rambled on so much I will give you the high points: Sideways Rain on Saturday, 33 degree wind chill on Sunday, beautiful on Monday as we left for the Airport.

After all of that though I would like to stress that Erin and I had a really good time. Kate and Josh were a blast (I miss seeing them). We saw the Dali exibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art which was awesome.

Well I guess all of this just gives us an excuse to go back soon. I guarantee that I will make it to the airport about 7 hours early next time.

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Anonymous said...

We had a blast and did a great job entertaining each other at the airport.
Thank you Kate and Josh for housing us and showing us a good time. We love you.