Monday, April 18, 2005

Brew Fest 2005 or how I learned to love the HazelNut Brown Nectar

Another Brewfest has come and gone and I have survived. Our group combined with Herschel and April's amassed a small army of seasoned drinking veterans most notably both April and Erin's mom and dad and April's Uncle Buck. The turnout was great. The event as a whole started out as it often does as little over crowded and uptight but, by the end of the event the attendees we were all swaying in unison and conversing as if we were long lost friends. Speaking of long lost friends I ran into the expected group of people that I usually see at Brewfest Andy H, Andy F, Nico D, Jonathon J, Clay D, and Craig H. Many of which I may not see again until next year - Same Brewtime, Same Brewchannel.

I have a short list of favorites. Not that I didn't enjoy many of the others but, these were exceptional in my book.

As always leaving Brewfest had me doing two things. Looking for a meal to soak up some alchol and looking forward to next years Brewfest.

So until next year ... Cheers!, A votre sante!, Alla Salute!, Egé szé gé re!, Kanpai!, Na Zdrowie!, Ooogy Wawa!, Prosit!, Salud!, Saúde!, Skal!, Slainte!, Wen Lie!, Yasas!, Za vashe zdorovye!, Zivili! and Zum Wohl!

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