Thursday, April 26, 2007

São Paulo No Logo

Thanks goes to Beeza44 for getting me hooked on NPR/WNYC's On the Media which is where I heard about this in their April 20, 2007 podcast (skip to 18:46 to get right to it or listen to another interesting article about the Virginia Tech Tragedy). From the On The Media website:

Clearing The Air

In January, South America’s largest city officially banned outdoor advertising. Billboards, neon signs, bus-stop ads, even the Goodyear blimp - all were suddenly illegal. Folha de Sao Paulo reporter Vinicius Galvao describes seeing his city as though for the first time.

On a completely unrelated note does anyone have a school bus for sale? Cause I have a new project.


brent said...

that's really cool. hopefully marketing agencies will quit whining and start thinking of ways to advert within those parameters. the bold colors and patterns on buildings im sure make the city look like a dr. seuss metropolis.

ill keep an eye out for buses. cars can be blue has that old diesel bus. also, my potential new roomy owns her own bio diesel company. im sure there's a bus for sale somewhere in that mix.

beeza44 said...

there is one on the farm! I bet we could get it!

Unknown said...

On the bus front, I was looking for one a few years ago - they are surprisingly not that expensive. I will be glad to donate any service you need to it.