Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ambient Jazz + Headphones = Sanity

I can think at work for the first time in a month. I realized late yesterday that I have been getting absoultly crap done at work for the past few weeks. I hope that this is at least partly because I have had trouble adjusting to cubicle life. I purchased a set of good headpones yesterday and they seem to be doing a good job of blocking out the noise. I will be able to tell for sure when whatever it is in the ceiling that intermittently clang-clang-clangs begins its clang-clang-clanging.


beeza44 said...

set up the web cam so I can see the new cube. I need closer on the bomb shelter.

eb said...

i see you......and your wicked new headphones. can you feel the fiery eye of 'the man' upon you?

Unknown said...

I feel like "The Man" is sticking it to me this week. Ready for Friday.