Thursday, September 22, 2005

This is it ...

... the blog. THE blog that you have all been waiting for. The one where I tell you all how cool my new job is, how cool my new colleagues seem to be, how cool my spanking new laptop is. Well ... it is all very cool, so there you have it.

On another note ... Anyone else heard of The Foundry Park's new "Melting Point"? (NOTE: Melting Point not Melting Pot; I am not talking about fondue here). The Melting Point is the new large scale music venue attached to the Steam Company Pub. The info hasn't hit the website yet but, one of my new colleagues showed me a glossy of it and says that it is open. I hope this is not detrimental to the regular local Jazz and Bluegrass that has been there in the past but, I welcome a new venue for touring artists. I will let you know when I have seen it in person.


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eb said...

personal account from a classmate (for a bluegrass concert, incidentally) was that the melting point is *great* - good atmosphere and terrific acoustics. i second a personal investigation - let me know if anything good comes to town.