Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Résumé of Charles Leggett

Checkout this link Résumé of Charles Leggett. Who's résumé do you think that he is talking about? For the record yes, I had to lookup "curriculum vitae".


nate childers said...

He's talkin' 'bout you ... why you be all up in his shit eh?

Cheers on the ResumeXML by the way! That's a groovy way maintain your resume isn't it?

brent said...

so did he write that rant so the words "charles leggett resume" would be on his website, consequently bringing his devoted googlers back to his page first?? we should find this guy and pants him, or squirt gun him in the crotch on a busy street then start pointing and laughing obnoxiously and screaming, "pee pee man! pee pee man! he makes the pee pee on himself!!" that sounds kinda like a czech tourist with a decent grasp of english language but a looser concept of english grammar.