Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So, I was thinking to my self the other day I wonder what is going on over at "FnkyBuda's Blog" but, then I realized that there is jack squat going on because in order for something to be going on I have to be doing it.

Erin and I went to see Elvis Costello at the Tabernacle Sunday night. The energy was amazing, they played for 2+ hours straight the band even played through the quick guitar changes every few songs. Elvis used no less than six guitars including a "$150 piece of rubbish". That particular guitar sparked one of the most memorable parts of the night when Elvis sang through the pickups on the guitar, that's right held it up and sang into the bridge. It seemed to be impromptu because I noticed that the guy at the sound board got a big kick out of it (and picked up the voice nicely I might add).

As much as Elvis and the imposters were rocking I spent alot of time checking out the Tabernacle. This was my first time back since it was the House of Blues during the olympics and I was happy to see that they kept all of the cool paint. Every surface in the place is patterned with stripes or dots or other designs and there is random cool stuff everywhere. Definately one of the best venues in ATL.

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